Sunday, November 20, 2011

4.0 beta Occupy Congress : The Plan
If you are here during the beta phase you have been selectively invited to give input to the proposal below for a trans/non-partisan approach to reclaiming America's government for The People - this has not been distributed publicly yet, I am  hoping we will work together to keep refining it for the next 3 days. 

4.0 BETA version - please do not distribute-beta version please do NOT distribute.beta.please do not distribute 4.0 BETA version - please do not distribute-beta version please do NOT distribute.beta....

Here is, perhaps, the short guide for today’s citizen to regain an honest American Government. We have done level best to present a plan that is fair, honest and as straightforward as a plan involving reclaiming a political system from 2 dysfunctional and ill-led parties can be.

The Plan is inherently simple and requires only that each of us as voting citizens
educate ourselves on the crucial issues that both left, right and center, agree our systemic Financial, Electoral and Political problems can not be fixed by any partisan solutions.  We encourage each voter to carefully look at the proposals, note their interlocking necessity for a healthy government that does not take in more than it spends and spreads the burden of taxation fairly, according to the majority of the people, not according to the majority of the 1%.

OCCUPY CONGRESS:The Plan is, by setting forward a simple set of radical trans/non-partisan governmental reforms, via Congress [U.S. and then State] aiming to begin the return of Power to the Working Class [also known as the 99%]
The following popular mandates represent pledges we expect any serious politician to make to effect honest popular change, reflected in the will and the commonly perceived need of the people: They reduce and regulate the power of Trans-National Corporations, Banks and the 2 Party system to corrupt the ‘1 person, 1 vote’ representative democracy envisioned by the Founders of the Country and the Constitution and shared as a common bond of fellow democratically minded citizens.

Below are the Action Points we see are needed to return power to the People and take it from the Banks, Wall St., the corrupt and dysfunctional 2 parties and their deceptive leaders. We invite you to make a stand with us, and let commit to no longer voting for a lesser candidate who will follow the party line when he gets to Washington D.C. but will be willing to stand united with members of any party who have taken the Occupy Congress [or Allied movements] pledge of introducing/co-signing and supporting the following legislation.

***The Specific Congressional Action [Co-Sign Bill/Voting] Points****

re: Wall St.and it's influence

 1. End the ‘Person-hood’ of Corporations.  Set out clear corporate rights and responsibility guidelines.

 2. Pass Bill/LawRe-instate Glass-Steagall

%93Steagall_Act - via LK

3. Co-Sign/ Pass Bill/Law : Ending the secretive, unconstitutional Federal Reserve [aka The Fed] placing the full membership as temporary regents, conduct a full and transparent audit.

                                                                            *re: Taxes

  3. Revert to Reagan [50%] or Nixon Era  [70%!] tax levels on the  most wealthy.......get more data for effect on budget and economy....
comment: : who faovrs the various levels?

                                                                      *re: Clean Elections

  4.Pass Bill/Law: All Federal Elections must be by paper ballot and counted by hand - and subject to a free and fair recall when in doubt of .5% Courts shall not decide elections only permit re-elections when a recount is not possible due to lost or tampered ballots.

  5. Pass Bill/Law [and prepare for Constitutional Amendment]: as regards  Public Financed Federal Elections.

Comment: Freedom of Speech interpreted as Freedom to  Speak in the Election Forum, not Freedom to advertise in Corporate Controlled Media wasting Billions of Dollars each election cycle.

This is perhaps the most essential point- get corporate money, union money, PAC out of elections altogether by having 'public elections' : candidates can of course stump, to exercise their free speech, but the airwaves  need not be for sale.

  6. Pass bill for a  10 year, Congressional Term Limits - to be immediately shepherded through [occupy your state congress to insure State-Wide Ammending the Constitution In the likely event of a supreme court challenge  - an unambiguous Constitutional Amendment will be well underway.  
link  to tenure corrupts article on the arguments for and against term limits.

7. Amend Congressional Rules to allow any 2 congress-person’s  from one party, or any 2 from differing parties to introduce ‘Emergency Legislation’ once every 2 years that MUST be voted on by the full congress, bypassing all committees and can not be sidetracked or hijacked by committees.

Comment: This will allow every American to see exactly how their congressperson voted on crucial issues, there is no hiding behind party manipulations, that keep the more embarrassing votes from coming to light

 7. Occupy/Take Back America platformed candidates promise to put People above Party and promise to vote for Occupy Congress Folk for any leadership positions {within their respective parties} regardless of seniority in Congress. [see above link for # 6]

                                    *Re: American Sovereignty over Corporate Sovreignty

8. Pass Bill ending/greatly restricting Corporate welfare. For Sugar, Corn etc  
WSJ article from 11.9.11

9. Vote to Restore American Sovereignty by Repealing/Ending American participation in NAFTA and WTO.  
Congressional Fair Trade voting record: Bi-partisan assessment - -

Comment:America prospered when we taxed countries that did not have our standards - so as to keep company profit/worker/wage equity.

 10.  Pass/Bill/Law Corporate Executives Salary Cap: no person in a Corporation’s/Businesses may make more than 25% (?) of lowest paid employees.
comment : % will probably need to start higher - article makes good case for low number  though.


Restoration of Constitutional Rights

11. Pass bill unequivocally allowing all Americans Freedom of Assembly in all parks adjacent to Government Buildings or in closest proximity.  rather awful font/layout  - but a good overview article.
Comment:  Law Enforcement shall not abridge or interfere with peaceful assembly - actions to the contrary will be punishable by at least 1 year in prison.
The peoples right to modest and humble shelter while petitioning their grievances shall not be sacrificed on the altar of police, security or political expediency. Simple temporary sanitation can be installed by and for the people at a variety of levels, from the People acting independently or through towns, counties, cities and states.
12. Repeal non-Constitutional aspects of the Patriot Acts and reverse Tele-Comm immunity.
Constitution vs. Patriot Act

13. Co-Sign Pass/Pass Law as regards Whistleblowing of Constitutional violations protected by Law and a ‘drop box’ to both House of Congress’ Investigations Committee’s.

nytimes opinion

Constitutional Ammendments

We also need our Congressfolk to support, sign and shepherd Constitutional Amendments to achieve many of the above, as the Supreme Court Rulings now require more than just legislative remedies.   Many of the laws and reforms we hope to see implemented above are sure to come under Corporate Legal counter arguments, and be heard by the same U.S. Supreme Court that supports Corporate Personhood and perversely unlimited campaign donations.

High amongst these immediately needed Constitutional Amendments is the wide-spread urge for the People to elect their own President without the 'help' of Super Delegates in the party Primaries [currently Democrats] or far worse, the Electoral College itself choosing the President. Both are blatant road-blocks erected by party leaders to keep power in as few hands as possible.

14. End the Electoral College and allow the President and Vice-President to be decided by the Popular Vote alone. End Super Delegates.

a.Electoral College :

b. Ending the Superdelegates  as a legal practice for any Party

Focus on Committee’s to: [These are larger more structural changes that I do not see a way to pre-arrange Congressional consensus - but Sensible Occupy congressfolk - we hope be trusted to work together.

    * End American Foreign Energy Dependence in 10 years
    * Create Green/Alt Energy Jobs/Infrastructure Jobs  for American Citizens
    * Return College Education cost to 1980 levels via .1% tax on the 1%[need beta-level input please!] need to crunch some basic numbers  - make student loans flexible and affordable.
    *Amnesty for Politicians past crimes in exchange for a truthful accounting from the years 1980 forward. Politicians who continue to stay in office pursuing illegal schemes and acting as oversight scofflaws will be clearly waiving an wish for Amnesty.  An American Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

----points below still need to be authoritatively added to the above action points.

Points still needing to be addressed [courtesy P.T.] feel free to make suggestions in the above sort of format: Pass Bill, Const. Amend. etc.....

  1.   Corporate Lobbying
  2.   Outsourcing
  3.   Offshore Bank Accounts
  4.   Insider Trading [Especially Congressional Trading!] law forbidding Congress from having stock except in ‘Blind accounts’
  5.   Short Selling
  6.   Profit Margins
  7.   Influence in the SEC
  8.   Shareholders Rights
  9.  Bonuses
More work will be done soon re: is Matt Taibbi talking over 5 points of reform and the above action points.

You may well ask -
"If I [the American voter] agree with the above [or even most of it] and I’ll vote for such a candidate for Congress if they can be found. What other steps can I take?

As a minimum OCCUPY CONGRESS asks you to become informed on the issues [for our part we hope to keep adding useful links to the document to facilitate learning and discussion] and then follow through on at least point 1 [Register and VOTE!], after that do what you see to do.

7  Simple Levels of Involvement

  1. Facebook the blog [youtube video/link in preparation]  all proceeds if any collected from advertising will go fund all non-competing [no occupy vs. occupy funding] Occupy Congress campaigns. Vote on election day.

  2. Take Occupy Congress to friends, to an Occupation or Net, fb community near you. If this movement moves it will be by people power and not corporate sponsorship. Obviously.
Maybe send a pro-occupy/take back congress letter to your local Newspapers letters to the editors section.

Still want/need/see to do more?

  3. Let your congressman know that you have taken the pledge to support just such a candidate who takes our broken non-responsive federal government seriously. Begin a petition of the incumbent, let the Local and Free Internet Press know.

  4. Start or participate in OCCUPY/Take Back CONGRESS, and OCCUPY the SENATE and Occupy the White House.  And start a local internet presence for Occupy Congress [your state listed here - we will post all links as we get them].

  5. Whichever political party [if any] you may belong to - from the local level introduce Occupy Congress and garner support for petitioning any congressional hopefuls. Look into   Trans-Partisan Alliance, local Occupiers and other such activist groups and let them know/learn what is in the works.

  6. Work for drafting excellent Americans for Occupy Congress, and work for their campaigns.

  7. Run yourself!  

This is a beta - pre-release version of OCCUPY CONGRESS. It is still very rough and in places thin - but I wanted to get a draft out where we the people can start debating and improving it.

Please feel free to comment, 2nd each others comments, make typo and socio-politico-practical suggestions.
And please do invite serious like minded friends to the remaining Beta days (4 left!)

- citizen x

4.0 BETA version - please do not distribute-beta version please do NOT distribute.beta.please do not distribute

4.0 BETA version - please do not distribute-beta version please do NOT distribute.beta.please do not distribute


  1. Nice, very well thought out and laid out. I'd love to throw down a great response, but unfortunately I just worked 16 hours. . .and I want it to be coherent. Give me about 24 hours or so and I'll be willing to put down a good response for ya.

    I do want to throw this one out for thought real quick though and see if we can get a few ideas about this one.

    I noticed and liked several of the ideas and how to spread the word and help spread the movement to achieve its goals. These are good and very essential. The tough one would be to get through to as much of the American Public as possible. This being those who are ignorant of even the points of the occupying movements which every American can truly agree upon. Sadly the most effective way towards this I can think of is advertising to let our goals be known or campaigning to a point. Which takes mucho dinero.

    So how to educate the general American on what we're about on low budget.
    and let them know that hey we're not trying to make this a radical new government.
    we want to make this a fair government.
    that we are willing to listen and trying to promote true concerns of the people.

    Anyways, I'm getting ahead of my original goal on resting and putting this together in a more coherent fashion so I'll pick this back up tomorrow.

  2. rest up! I am more than pleased that you see this attempt as a good start and comprehensive effort. Most of the folks viewing so far have been friends - they can only be so objective...

    People have responded on FB - where it is easy and convenient to do so - but here and the dedicated discussion forum were dead. But yesterday was the first day that the BETA did not look super raw and a little chaotic and crazy...and I have a hard time gauging other folks interest in typo-ridden poorly formatted long proposals. Glad I was able to smooth it out to pass more serious muster.

    Still hoping for 3 more days of BETA - to keep me on deadline if nothing else! And then hopefully all involved will feel good enough about it to push it far and wide. FB/Forums/local radio [I have leads aplenty there in my tiny norcal county - and the next one over too now that I think on it.

    I thought your Occupy Congress page was the best one FB in terms of thinking, content,, etc

    It is funny cause a local here suggested I go to occupy oakland or SF and get 'their approval'. I thought about this - but intuited pretty much what you stated - that clashing with police was more important than real world reform...

    Ironically enough I am certain it will take a whole other group of occupiers like ourselves to craft a plan that they will be the ones getting behind come election.

    You are right about info/advertising - the only hope I see and it is as slim as it is possible - is that we can generate enough movement with the platform that we can quickly garner a few candidates - hopefully the likes of Paul, Kucinich and Sanders in the Senate - IF so - and I have only a good friend who is old buddies with Sanders - then we can garner - rather easily at that point, all the local indie radio, Democracy Now, even possibly HuffPo that we can handle. I can take time most days to go around to dozens of forums and post in friendly threads with a link, etc, but what we need are candidates who sign on, big, little, small, then we have a transpartisan platform story re: actual candidates, which should be news everywhere but the MSM.

    IF the movement goes viral via youtube video [one is slowly in the works] then I am thinking that revenue stream goes into a pot for all occupy congress/senate etc candidates with small war chests. But even with a viral Occupy Congress video, money will be the issue it always in elections - especially with the MSM informed voteer. Voter registraion/ garnering the 50% that don't usually vote will be key - as it was for Obama in the black community.

    The plan is pretty solid - with a few points needing serious detail and better script/links and a video! - the movement will gain steam naturally during election time 0 but we have to / w/ a couple hundred candidates be ready by early spring [heck I do not even know when the congressional filing deadline is...

    There it stands chas. Talk soon.

    So if we can not get a middle-eastern spring thing going where the occupy congress/senate/WH is THE buzz - it will not go far.

  3. 4.1 now up on FB Occupy Congress : the plan:

  4. I'm going to be dedicating some time to this, this evening. I have a few aces up my sleeve for a possible youtube campaign. I'm getting crafty in a photoshop, and have a canon eos 60D, so I might look at the possibility of putting together a video. I'm not much a video personality but I can make do in a pinch. Also I may have one or 2 occupiers and i can swipe up for this cause.

    Yeah, as far as good candidates to back. . .thats very up in the air and is going to take some serious research. senate, house, president. . . we're talking a couple thousand candidates to shift through . . . we need more manpower to this one.

    Oh and thanks very much for what you said on my page, I got to thinking on the issues very thoroughly and put down my true opinion on the issues covered. I have good intentions towards this but am limited myself in what I can do.

    I'll be back on a little later (crying baby in background) and we'll see what we can get rolling on this stuff. unfortunately i'm not very researched at all on the law/amendment changes which you proposed, so that is going to take some reading on my part there.

    talk to you soon,

  5. 4.1 version - no links.

    not sure who can see it. let me know.